Convert PDF files to editable text for free, on the site you can upload several pdf files and immediately convert them to text in bulk.

PDFtoText is a functional online-converter. It effects conversion of PDF files in text. Our converter supports the batch processing of data (a possibility to convert several text files at the same time). In contradiction to other services it enables the conversion of the contents of electronic documents not only in txt, but in other formats, too.  In particular- in JPG, PNG and back.

Advantages of our service

PDFtoText effects the conversion of PDF files of any quality. Thanks to the technology OCR (Optical Character Recognition) no mistakes are made by «transition» of the text. The entire source information remains unaltered after conversion.  

PDFtoText provides saving of time and money. The process of conversion starts immediately after the download of electronic document. The user may implement our service as often as required. The conversion of PDF files in text online is done completely free of charge. 

How do I use the service?

Start with the download of PDF file to the Website by pressing the button «Download» (a file manager will open) or through simple dragging and dropping. Thereafter select the necessary document at the folder or on the desktop of your computer. 

After successful export of the file the process of its conversion will begin. Normally it proceeds automatically and lasts not more than 5 seconds. No special expertise is needed to effect these online-operations. 

After accomplishment of command «convert PDF in text» the converted file will become available for download. Now you must press the button «Download» and specify the address for saving of a text document. 

For reference - PDFtoText converts the text into files with the extension .txt, which may be viewed in default editor «Notepad». The user may deploy the recognized text information by compilation of presentations, preparation of seminars and to fulfil other tasks.